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A Four Year Adventure!

4:41 PMNichole DuPont

Of course I have to tell you a little about my past so you can understand my present and future. Just to let you know I'm not your average traveler. My travels didnt start with saving money for two years and planning out each country I was visiting.
At twenty I decided to follow a good looking military man who I was dating for over a year at the time. I know, a big shocker! Of course my parents were nervous but I had nothing going on in my small town and I was dying to explore the world! So I sold my car and booked a ticket to GUAM! If you dont know where Guam is, it's ok! I didnt know where it was either.

Yes, that small, tiny, little dot is where I moved to, for FOUR years!! 
I had no idea what I was getting myself into but it was a new adventure. It was already dark outside when I arrived to the island, after the twenty hour flight from Florida to Guam, so I had to wait till morning to see the wonders of this new place. I woke up the next morning over joyed like it was Christmas but instead of looking at presents I got to see this amazing view of the beautiful bright blue ocean, palm trees and the village. I felt like I just won the lottery!! Whatever I got myself into, it was AMAZING!
Dont worry I wont write a million posts about every single detail of my four years living on a 212 square mile island. We'll skip over the crazy nights with friends, lying on the beach for hours, and the hectic schedule I had while working at one of the number one retail company's in Asia. That's not why I started this blog, if it was I would of called it "An Island girl for Four Years". What I do want to share with you are some amazing moments from the island and my future trips! Later on I'll also share the wonderful countries I was able to visit while living on Guam.
Ok, I'll shut up now so you can enjoy some beautiful pictures of the island of Guam. :)

Pretty, Huh??
Cant wait to share more pictures and stories with you!

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  1. It looks beautiful! I'm not surprised you moved there - hot military guy or not! x

    1. Thank you Coco! I'm ready to go back already or just getaway from this long winter!

      -The Southern Adventurer


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