Adventure Thailand

Arriving in Bangkok, Thailand

7:50 PMNichole DuPont

   I've been dreaming about Thailand for years now, thinking all my travel dreams would come true in this one country. I wanted to see all the temples, city, jungle, and ocean. I planned the trip so we wouldn't be just in Bangkok the whole time so be prepared for more posts of Thailand! When we arrived off the plane it was late at night and we really couldn't see anything except the city lights. 
We woke up early in the morning jumping out of bed excited to see the views and walk around our hotel. 

 We found a beautiful hotel right by the river called Anatara Bangkok Riverside Resort & Spa. It was the perfect spot since it was right on the river and we could take the boat to different places for free. Instead of traveling by taxi you could ride the boat to see temples and enjoy some night life!

Speaking of nightlife we took the free boat ride to a place called Asiatique Riverfront. It's a great place to walk around, shop and eat! They have tons of tiny stores ranging from woman's clothing to rugs. Also if you get hungry don't worry they have a variety of restaurants to choose from.

The main reason we were going to Asiatique was because we bought tickets to a show!! It was the Ladyboys show of "Calypso Bangkok". I heard amazing things about them and thought it would be fun to have some drinks and watch a show. 

    It was an AMAZING and beautiful show! I loved every minute of it and they did everything so perfectly! I highly recommend to go watch them if you have the time during your travels! 

     In the morning we woke up to a beautiful sunrise over the city. We could watch the boats go by on the river and the fish jump out of the water in the morning. It was so relaxing that you almost forget there is a whole city to adventure out in.  The day was going to be packed full of temple tours ! My advice to you, the reader, start as early as you can, its a lot easier when you have a guide. The temples are all over the city, and traffic can get crazy. It was nice to have some one with us talk about all the different temples and the history.

     Tip - In most temples you have to take your shoes off, so if its not too hot remember to wear socks!

      Every temple and palace we went to took our breath away. I couldn't believe the amount of detail put into each inch of a statue or temple!  Its so amazing and mind bobbling how all these beautiful temples and statues came together. All I can say is that Thai people are creative and hard workers. 

    The next day we headed to the Floating Market so I can eat some delicious Mangosteen. You must try all the food, specially the fruit. The Floating Market is a huge tourist spot, and a must see. They have tons of different food to try and souvenirs for your friends/family back home.

    The way we got to the Floating Market was on a tiny boat going through neighborhoods that were divided by water. The boats are so narrow that you almost feel its going to tip over at any moment! 

    I wanted to buy all the fruit and veggies they had on their boats. Everything looked delicious and fresh! I could of stayed at the market all day but it was time to go sadly.
By the time we got back to the hotel it was time to catch our dinner boat! This was not a free boat ride, we paid for this special dinner ride through the hotel. The dinner boat took us down the river to see all the beautiful temples that were lit up. It was kind of magical, specially while I was eating my coconut soup.

    Best coconut soup ever! Delicious!!

As I was starring out at the beautiful temples I couldn't stop thinking of the next place that we were going to visit. It's exciting when you know this is just the beginning to a beautiful adventure!


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  1. I really like your photos. Very nice indeed especially the little boy with the bucket and the river scenes. It's so nice to find someone who actually likes Bangkok rather than rushing away LOL! We're off to Bangkok in the summer and are near the river too as the views are delicious!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you! I fell in love with Thailand! I wish I could go back this year in November when they have the Lantern Festival. I hope you have a great time in Bangkok, can't wait to see the pictures on your blog!

      - The Southern Adventurer


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