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Girls trip to Hong Kong

6:48 AMNichole DuPont

After a quick flight from Guam to Hong Kong we hopped on the train that took us to the city, then grabbed a taxi that took us to our hotel. My friend had connections with Hilton hotels since she works in the hotel business and got us an awesome discount at the Conrad Hotel. It's a beautiful hotel with an unforgettable view plus the best part is that we had full access to the executive lounge! Right when we got to the massive luxury hotel we dropped our stuff off in the room and made hast to the executive lounge to have a snack and maybe champagne! We made it just in time and indulged in all the mini appetizers they served. 

The view from our room on the 56th floor was spectacular. My photo doesn't do it justice. After we finished our champagne, we went walked around the city to check it out. Got lost of course, knowing me. We headed back to the hotel early because we had a long day full of fun things planned out! 

Before hopping on the train to go towards Lantau Island we had to stop by Aji Ichiban! My all time favorite place to buy candy! It didn't take us long till we hopped off the train on got on the cable car. The views were beautiful, we could see so much since we were so high up going over hills to get to Lantau Island. 

When we made it to the island there was small village that you walk though. They have a variety of boutiques and places to eat. 

After eating some delicious ramen it was time to hop back on the cable car and head back to Hong Kong. We had to get ready for a night out in Hong Kong! 

Thats right! We decided to do the Hong Kong Pub Crawl! I recommend it if you want to see the coolest bars and dance the night away!! 

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