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Getting Lost in Macau!

7:30 AMNichole DuPont

My friend and I were enjoying the city of Hong Kong but it was time to check out another part of China called Macau. Macau has it's own government, money, language, police force and schools. Hong Kong, Mainland China and Macau all have their own way of running their states like their different countries...but their the same country. Very confusing. I could try to explain it to you but it would turn into an eight page essay! 
If you travel to Macau from Hong Kong or Mainland China don't forget your passport! You'll have to have your passport stamped before you go on the Turbo Jet (A giant boat) that is about a one hour trip to Macau from Hong Kong. 
When you get off the boat you'll be swarmed by people that will want to drive you around Macau to see all the tourist sights. One mistake we made was not take up one of their offers. We thought we were being smart by taking the bus. 
The one thing we didn't know was that everything is in Portuguese! We couldn't find anything in english except a poster that said stay away from birds! Thats when we got lost. 

Thankfully we found one of the stops that looked familiar and we hoped off the packed bus as quickly as we could. It was the Senado Square which is this beautiful walking area with all the historic looking buildings. The buildings are filled with luxury brands, small cafes to have lunch and I think I saw a Starbucks. The Senado Square is actually part of the Historic Centre of Macau. The pictures I posted don't do it justice! Sadly I only had a couple of pictures of Macau since I lost my computer on the plane. Sad story, moving on! 

It was packed that Friday! We were on a mission to see as much as we could before midnight since thats when the last ferry left Macau. We had no intentions on staying at a hotel in Macau, specially since we plained something already in Hong Kong at midnight! 

After sight seeing we wandered around and eventually got lost... again. We walked around scary neighborhoods until we found a bus stop. Their was an older woman that went on the next bus with us and tried to help us find our way back to the city part of Macau. Unfortunately we could hardly understand her and got off the wrong stop. We gave up the bus idea and tried to find a taxi. FINALLY we got a taxi, another person we couldn't understand but he took us to the right place! 
The Wine Museum!! 

The Wine Museum was the last thing to do on the list and we arrived right before they closed! We quickly went through the museum. It was fun learning all about ports and wine. There was a lot to see and learn through out the tour but the main thing we were looking forward to was the tasting at the end! You can just call us a couple of winos! 

We tried at least ten different ports and wines each. We eventually had to leave the building because they had to close the museum. We were able to buy a bottle of wine and port to take back to the hotel. 

It was time for us to head back to the boat and leave Macau. After spending a day in Macau and getting lost we learned next time we'll be prepared! 
1. Portugese translation book
2. Find a driver
3. Stay two days
If your ever in Hong Kong please take the trip to Macau! There is so much to see and do. We only covered half of Macau so you might want to book a hotel room and stay a day or two! 

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  1. I would love to visit China someday! And Wine Museum you say...I want to go to there!

    1. Yes! The Wine Museum shares the history of wine and how its made then of course you get to sample a few glasses :) I hope I can go back to China soon and explore the east side of China!

      - The Southern Adventurer


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