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Relaxing in Seaside, Florida

11:05 AMNichole DuPont

   I was fortunate enough to visit home for a few months. I loved where I grew up because I was always just an hour away from the beach. Im the most happiest when I'm near the coast, thank goodness I married a Navy man! While I was visiting, a friend and I decided to drive to Seaside to see the Farmers Market. Im obsessed with farmers markets and it just so happens its right next to the beach.
I use to go to Seaside when I was a little girl and I would feel like I was in a completely different world compared to any other place on the panhandle. It made me feel like nothing could go wrong while I was in the small town of Seaside. The beautiful town full of colorful houses, boutiques, amazing restaurants and of course the beautiful beach would make anyone want to stay.

Let me just give you a tour, trust me you'll fall in love! 

Florida has the most beautiful beaches. I'll never get tired of the beach, it's like a second home to me. As my feet sink into the soft white sand and the salt water washes over them, I know I'm home.

The stores are full of nautical nic nacs and clothing. 

Ok I skipped too far to the good part. Lets start with the Farmers Market.

What did I say? Is that fresh food or what? There was a lot of variety of food, from tasty salt, local meat, honey and even treats for your pup! 

Since it was still early we decided to grab a smoothie from Raw & Juicy! I was attracted to this place since they were serving from a vintage airstream camper! Oh cool is that! They made a delicious green smoothie, I defiantly wanted to go back for another one! 

I was so good about buying that healthy raw green smoothie but the fudge caught my eye. My sweet tooth was screaming "Get the Fudge!!!" So of course I bought some and it was the best fudge I've had in a long time!! Mmmm... I can still taste it. Moving on. 

The beautiful buildings make me almost feel like I'm on the coast of Italy! It was the most perfect day to walk around the park and see the wonderful stores and art. This would be my dream place to live one day. Walk out my door, see all the shops opening up and taking a book down by the beach to enjoy the coastal breeze and sunshine. Thats the life for me! 

The art in the area is impeccable! People get so much inspiration from the beautiful scenery in the area. I wanted the flamingo painting so badly! 

This is when our tour ends of the small town of Seaside. I hope you enjoyed the pictures and I captured the beauty of the city by the beach. Hopefully I'll visit again soon and will show you even more next time!! Stay tuned for my next post when I go on a road trip to another fun city in Florida! 

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