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Camping trip in Northern Virginia

9:29 AMNichole DuPont

I've been camping since I was in my mothers womb.  I have an obsessed camping family. We use to have one of those pop up campers and drove all the way from Florida to Colorado, camping the whole way there. It was exciting for my sister and I since we were younger then. We thought it was the coolest that we had our little home on wheels for two weeks. I would love to do it again! 
Well times have changed, I'm in my twenties now and still camping but with my own family. 

Beautiful views right? Lets start from this morning and I'll show you more views later in the post! 

We decided to take a drive to the Prince William National Park, which is an amazing place and I recommend to everyone! They have great trails, lakes and bike lanes! 

Just a little tip for people that have dogs that have to wear a leash while camping. Make them almost like a cable line between to trees or a pole, I used a seatbelt buckle that I use for them in the truck so its easy to take them off and put back on. Nifty, right? Now your pups can walk around and not bother you!

I always need coffee in the morning so I was on a search for something I can take on our trip. These great folders single coffee bags were perfect for camping. Hhhhmm I wonder if Starbucks have these?!?
If your in love with this mug as much as I am here is the link!! >> The Adventurer Mug.

After we finished eating breakfast we decided to go on a long hike that was just down the road from the campsite. The trail was called South Valley Trail. It was an easy trail to hike and the views were beautiful. Back to those views I was showing you earlier.

The pups were exhausted after our 9 mile hike so they decided to pass out. I decided it was time for s'mores! Be prepared to see the s'more face!

I told you there would be a s'more face! It was delicious but the true master of s'more making is my dad. He has a special technique that will make you want more! It was getting dark so we pulled out the scary story book. Yes, we enjoy reading scary stories around the campfire like little kids. 

The night was over and it was time to crawl into the tent. I call that a perfect camp day! 

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  1. Replies
    1. Yes, it was a beautiful weekend in Northern VA and camping always makes me feel like a kid again. :)

      - The Southern Adventurer

  2. Looks like a nice trip. Prince William National Forest is beautiful.

    1. Yes. I can't wait to head over there again this year. One of my favorite places in Northern VA!


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