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Hiking the Bright Angel Trail

7:26 AMNichole DuPont

It was our last day and we saved the best for last. We woke up early in the morning at 5:30 am to get ready for our hike. My recommendation to anyone wanting to hike in the Grand Canyon is to do it as early as possible. You'll thank me later but for now check out these breath taking views! 

There are a lot of different hikes to do in the Grand Canyon. If you go to Mather look out point near the gift shops is a map of all the hikes and will tell you the difficulty level. I recommend you look at that before picking out a trail to hike.

We decided not to do the whole trail and to turn around at one of the rest stops on the hike. We were able to sit for awhile and take in the view but then something terrible happened! 

I almost fell off the cliff!!! 
Just kidding, I was just acting but for real, doesn't it look like I was falling! 

We decided to take a picture of the watch to measure the distance we hiked down. We took a picture before and after our hike. It was time to start hiking back up, which was the hardest part. The sun was coming out, it was hot and the incline was insane! 

If you ever go on the Bright Angel Trail watch out for this fat squirrel! He will follow you, just don't feed him, he needs to go on a diet! 

Also watch out for the donkeys that come by. If your not into hiking you can always take a donkey ride to the bottom! 

We finally made it back to the top and we felt like millionaires! Tired but successful! We headed back to the camp site to lay down for awhile but then we had another four legged friend visit us! 

He was just coming by to say hello I guess. After he left we decided to go out for dinner on our last day. It was a great idea because we were able to see this beautiful view! 

It was the perfect ending to a perfect trip in the Grand Canyon. I could of staid another week but we had to catch our flight. I hope you enjoyed the breath taking views and adventures I shared with you! 

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  1. We're planning on doing a similar trip to GC in September (we also want to camp at Mather, spend a day at the viewpoints, and hike Bright Angel) so I really enjoyed reading your Grand Canyon posts. Thanks for all the info! I hope we see elk too! :)

    ~ Mel @ City Bitches Abroad

    1. Im so excited for you! Your going to love it! We drove right outside the camping area and saw a lot of elk! Cant wait to see your pictures!!

      - The Southern Adventurer


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