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Freedom of the Open Road (Part Two: National Parks)

7:17 AMNichole DuPont

I was lucky enough to live only an hour away from a beautiful National Park called Shenandoah. It's well known for its amazing scenic road and great hiking trails. I've drove through there at least two or three times and it never gets old. My favorite time was in Fall when all the leaves were changing colors. It was breath taking and thats why I'm sharing the photos I took with you now. 

There are tons of Scenic view points that you can pull your car over to see the amazing landscape. If you love to go camping then I suggest this National park, they have tons of camping spots but you have to hurry because they fill up quick, specially on holidays! 

Your probably asking "Why in the world is there a llama in a National Park?". Well this was a separate road trip I took that was pass Shenandoah and near another National forest thats close by called George Washington and Jefferson. The Llama I promise is in a safe place called the Virginia Safari Park located in Natural Bridge, VA. I love animals but don't really like zoos so I found this place where you can drive your car through this large amount of land and feed adorable animals. Sounds amazing right?! 

A word of warning the Llamas will stand next to your car and stare you down until you give them your bucket of food. They will stand in front of your car and run beside your car as you drive. They do not give up! I repeat they do not give up! 

As you see they won, but you can't really say no, their so darn cute! 

These guys were just hanging out in the beautiful Fall leaves. They looked so content that I had to snap a picture of them before I drove further into the woods and over the hills. 

These beautiful zebras were munching on breakfast (I assume). One surprisingly noticed me stoping the car and taking pictures.  I just waved and said hello. Haha! 

The adorable baby zebra was hiding on the side, I almost drove past without noticing.

There is also a place where you can walk around with your kids to see birds, kangaroos, monkeys and other wild life. You can even feed the giraffes which is always a fun thing for the kids or yourself. 

After seeing almost every animal I headed out and was trying to decide if I wanted to drive another hour to see this amazing waterfall a friend told me about. Of course knowing me I turned the opposite direction of home and headed out to find it. This was turning into a 5 hour one way trip which I didn't mind at all. 

As you can see it was well worth the extra hour to see this beautiful waterfall! I wish I had more time to explore this area. It would be a good idea to maybe stay out there for a weekend so you can see all the beautiful areas. As I drove back I stopped at some of the amazing scenic view points! I just stood there at the view point thinking to myself I really enjoy road trips. :) 

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